11 Eylül 2015 Cuma

Hello Europe Cartoon Contest From Kosova...

Hello Europe
Which means Europe’s response to the innocent people who are obliged to run away from war as well as other people towards European neighbors to find security and a better life; traveling and suffering for better life.
DEADLINE: 15 October - 2015
ENTRIES: Max. 3 cartoons in each section
Cartoons can be in color or in different free technique of black and white.
Size: No bigger than A3 no smaller than A4
The cartoons will be sent in electronic format, JPG, 300 dpi.
International Judging: October 18, 2015
The participant must send their photo along with their autobiography.
The works should be sent to:
First Prize – 800€
Second Prize – 400€
Third Prize – 200€
5 Special Prizes – Diploma

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