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Penelope Cruz portrait...

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Köroğlu's drawings from Artists

Ruhi Su, says about KOROGLU who is an Anatolian legendary

hero:"He is a brave person and a legendary hero
who rebels against atrocious and advise people not to
touch to the old and poor people, to contend with
the covetous-rich people, to care about aggrieved
ones and their difficulties.", in his album, named
"Poets & Folksongs� (in Turkish). As do Ruhi Su, my brother,
spent his whole life as a revolutionist and artist with
respect to labor, too. In the first year of his decease, we want to remember/commemorate him with his friends,
in Iskenderun. In this context; we
will organize an exhibition which his and
his friends' works take space in it.

Aim: To make a fine excuse and a cause
to create something which give meaning
to our lives for the people who make the labor valuable.

1- The works which will be take space in the exhibition;

Mehmet Koroglu portraits and his artist friends' cartoons, pictures, diagrams... which are made by all techniques and types.

2- All participant works will be put in a CD and it will be sent to each participant.

3- 5 trees will be planted and a planting certificate will be sent to each participant.

4- The works should be in digital media, as A4 sized, 300 dpi resolution.

5- The works must be sent to the following

6- Deadline: 15 July 2010

Thanks in advance for all participants

Muhittin Koroglu

Please visit:

For more information:,

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2 Temmuz 1993'de, dostluk, insanlık, yaşam, umut adına ne varsa o 37 baharla birlikte yakıldı... o kara dumanı hala dağılmadı bu ülkenin üzerinden... ve ne yazık ki o gün yaşama hakları yakılarak, en acı şekilde elinden alınan , gelecek vadeden, bu ülkede sanat ve barış adına çok şeyler yapmış ve yapacak olan o güzel insanların yeri hala dolmuyor...